Sunday, December 6, 2015

About Me

Hi there! My pen name is Therese J. Roberts and I'm an American author and entrepreneur. Check out my longer story of how I became a writer here, and the reason for the English telephone background :)

I decided to pursue writing as a career because I love stories. Stories have a special way of sticking with you and inspiring you throughout the years long after you have read it. I love brainstorming ideas for books. I always have part of a story in my head and I can't wait to share them with readers! To be a writer is a chance to be creative and set up characters who triumph against all odds to inspire our own lives to be just as heroic.

I have three great author heroes. The first is Father Owen Dudley who wrote eight Catholic novels in the 1940s-50s. His books taught me how to write engaging plots with dynamic characters, while including Catholic elements in a masterful way. My second hero is Charles Dickens, and I love his book, The Christmas Carol. Most people don't know that he wrote that story because he needed money. It took him only five months and he actually published it himself. It was a grand success and gave readers one of the best stories of all time. Dudley and Dickens inspired me to become a novelist, and read my story above about my greatest hero St. Robert Southwell.

I have my own publishing imprint, Crown Daisy Press, that publishes all my books. My novels are available on both Amazon and Etsy in paperback and digital formats. I write three books every year and my titles so far include The Story of a Sailor, The Amanda Case Files mystery series, and The Christmas Picture. I am currently working on the sequel to the first Amanda Case Files with other ideas planned for later this year!

In the words of St. Francis de Sales (patron saint of writers), "Be who you are and be that well." Pursue your dreams and follow your heart, becoming a saint in the process!
                                                                             ~ Therese

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