Sunday, December 6, 2015

About Me

Hi there! My pen name is Therese J. Roberts and I divide my time between writing novels and running a small business. I believe the work I do will make a difference in this world (by the grace of God) if I touch just one person. This is one of my favorite stories: one evening a squall on an ocean left the beach scattered with starfish. A child noticed this walking along and tried to return the starfish into the waves. A passerby remarked to the child of the impossibility of making a difference since there were countless starfish. The child looked thoughtfully at the starfish in his hand before returning it to the ocean and answered, "Well it makes a difference to this one." I hope you are the one to whom my shop and writing make a difference.

My hero

A case in point of how one writer can touch one person--the great author-saint, Fr. Robert Southwell, is the reason I became a writer. A priest in Elizabethan England, Southwell was martyred simply for providing Holy Mass and the Sacraments for the suffering Catholics. He stealthily avoided "priest hunters" for six years in London, an impossible task, until he was captured because of betrayal, which led to his martyrdom at Tyburn. Southwell's writings were distributed secretly to the Catholics through his hidden printing press, and his works kept the Faith alive during the persecutions. Southwell's life inspired me because he used his gift of writing with the goal to reach if only one soul and bring that person to God. Be sure to read his poem "A Child My Choice" here which is one of my favorites.

My novels

My books are available on both Amazon and Etsy in paperback or digital formats. I usually write two books each year and my titles so far include The Story of a Sailor, The Amanda Case Files No. 1: Old Manor Mystery, The Christmas Picture, The Amanda Case Files No. 2: Hospital Mystery, and Act of Hope. There are always more books to come! You can also check out my religious gift store, Handmade Catholic Shop, where I make sacramentals. (You can read about that story under the heading Sacramentals). In the words of St. Francis de Sales (patron saint of writers), "Be who you are and be that well." Pursue your dreams and follow your heart, becoming a saint in the process!

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