Wednesday, December 16, 2015


One of my favorite t.v. shows of all time is the 80s comedy Full House. I grew up watching the series, and I always loved the idea of one big family all sharing one house. I enjoy all the comedy and wholesomeness the show offers, and I fell in love with all the unique characters. 

Anyway, I was watching one episode recently and a great line was "taking the everydayness out of the everyday." That one line can mean a lot of things and can describe many different attitudes on approaching day to day life. For myself, it struck me as making life less monotonous. While the chores and cares that make up our daily life may not change and their monotony may continue to go on, we can nonetheless change our approach to carrying them out. 

Each sacrifice in life that we make has eternal value. Nothing we do goes unnoticed by God. He sees every suffering we go through and brings good out of it. When we offer up all the daily monotonies to Him out of love, they take on a significantly greater value. Love makes "everydayness" rather "extraordinarydayness." These sacrifices also make us appreciate what we do have in our lives by making us grateful we can even accomplish them. For example, everyone dreads having to do laundry. Yet, doing laundry means we have nice clothes to wear, people we care about in our lives, and the ability to keep our appearance nice and orderly. Not everyone has that in life. 

To take the everydayness out of the everyday can simply mean being grateful for each moment in our lives and never taking for granted the little things in life. For those little things make up daily life and without them we might end up with pretty boring lives. As we approach the great feast of Christmas, we should try to make each day like Christmas by causing all our frustrations in life rather to be little gifts of love for our newborn King. 

                                                                          Make each day special,

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