New Year, New Book

Happy New Year everyone! Ok, it's a few days early, but I wanted to announce the availability of my first book, The Story of a Sailor!

My author page is:! If you buy it and like the book, feel free to leave a review on Amazon. :) Thank you for your interest and support in viewing my website, and I hope you will consider buying a copy of this new book! I am now starting a fiction novel, so be on the lookout in the next couple months for my second book! 

In this new year, everyone makes efforts to have resolutions. Ways to make our lives better are always at the top of the list, whether it is seeking new hope, new happiness, new changes. Above all, everyone wants the year to feel "new," that it will be better, fresher, and more exciting than the one that came before. 

May the new year be filled with new adventures, new discoveries, new advances in virtue so that when we get to the end of 2016 we feel that this year was one spent well.