The Story of a Sailor

It's official! The Story of a Sailor has been published! One of those moments that makes all the effort and time feel worth it. View my author page:! Paperback is $4.99 and Kindle edition is $0.99!

Here's an except from the book: 
[The Story of a Sailor Copyright 2015 Therese J. Roberts]

From Chapter 5: 

Strong pirate assailing, 
Bearing merciless might, 
As Will swung glinting sword 
Duly leftward and right.

Will’s stature showed smaller, 
While his style proved nimble, 
Darting and zigzagging, 
Great shield as thick thimble.

Lord Plunder however 
Bragged strength beyond measure, 
Full fighting and dueling 
Did fill him with pleasure.

Coarse pirates stood watching 
Swift swashbuckling scene, 
Awaiting sure victory, 
Hiding hearts hard and mean.

Sailors looked upon Will,
Holding hope with more prayer, 
Sensing doubt for great win 
Since this skirmish unfair.

The two fought quite quickly
Across ship’s wooden deck, 
Swords flashing and clashing 
Whereby captains did trek.

Hushed silence screamed loudly,
Sound centered fierce fight,
Breakers knocking black ship
In gold sun’s brightened light.

Every eye fixed onsite
Daring dueling that raged,
Which person proved winning
Could not truly be gaged.

Lord Plunder perceiving
Newfound opening chance,
For poor Will battled worn
From this tense dueling dance. 

Thus swinging severely, 
Striking Will on an arm, 
He staggered beneath him 
In sharp pain bringing harm.

Lord Plunder yelled, “Come now, 
Surrender lowly lad; 
Assuredly our band 
Will welcome you comrade.”

Will panting replied, 
“Keep your riches in life; 
I know I shall succeed 
By clear win in this strife.”

Lord Plunder sneered with spite 
Upon cornering Will, 
In tall black apparel, 
Icy eyes dark and chill.

Will wondered with weakness 
If he held enough strength, 
Struggle unrelenting 
For tough tiring long length.

Smart thought struck the captain,
Which lifted his spirits;
Though Will battled nobly, 
Present time called for wits.

Observing Lord Plunder 
Bore thin leg made of wood,
Will split timber in half 
With full force as one could.

Buccaneer stumbled back, 
While landing quite hard,
Feeling startled by this, 
Finding loss of cool guard.

In the midst of defeat, 
Gabby grabbed Plunder’s sword; 
Great glorious victory 
Will attempted on board.

Foul furious pirates 
Prepared for reaction;
Lord Plunder yelled out, “No, 
I shall end this action.”

Yet Will pinioned him fast, 
Shining sword aimed at chest, 
Showing master defense
So unlike feeble rest.

“I wish not to injure; 
Merely grant this I asked; 
I request passing through,” 
Will so wearily gasped.

As all pirates possessed,
Villain lord drew dagger,
“Did you hope for success,
As though I did stagger?”

to be continued...

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