The Value of One Life

Today we remember the fateful decision of Roe v Wade in America. The decision that we all know made legal the killing of innocent children. There are many ways I could comment on this subject, whether about the decision itself, the offense against God, the harmful effects on women, the murder of babies, the reparation needed, the horror of the whole situation.... But, I want to focus particularly on the value of a single life, which is at the heart of the matter.

Whether we are talking directly or indirectly about abortion, many people can feel like their life is meaningless or has no value. They may think that moments, days, weeks, months, and years drag on to no end and nothing they do has any significance. However, we know the contrary is true for "Between God and the individual soul, there are no insignificant moments." This means that every moment of every day has value, which in turn means that every life has immeasurable value.

Realizing that abortion means killing off life in its earliest stages should make us think about, what if that was me? What if someone made the decision that my life didn't matter. That what God had planned for me was of no consequence. Or what I could offer to the world would make no difference. This is the attitude, consciously or unconsciously, of those who perform or choose to have abortions. 

But, then you realize, that wasn't me. My life was not taken away, but someone else's was and continues to be. Was my life more important than theirs? These questions really make you think about the value of a single human life. And because it wasn't you means you have to do something meaningful with your life. You can never waste a single moment or opportunity of loving. 

This comes to the root of the problem with abortion. Choosing not to give your baby life, i.e. killing an innocent child, is the most selfish and horrible act that exists. You are devoid of love in that moment and fail to understand the value of a single life. You come between God and the individual soul. For love entails sacrifice, generosity, and simply put, thinking about someone other than yourself. 

"Life is precious" may sound cliche because we have heard it often as a pro-life slogan, but rightfully so. God gives us life on earth that we may have the chance to win life eternal. We have no right to take away life because it is a gift. Let us make the most of that gift and fight for those who are defenseless.