Sunday, March 13, 2016

Country Life

I love living in the country. Peace and quiet. No traffic. Wide open farmlands. Friendly people. No rat-race atmosphere. I'm sure that city life has its advantages as well. Excitement. Entertainment. Convenience of stores. Low maintenance. Lots of people. 

Where you live effects everything about your life. What your day to day will be. Most people live where they have to work, where their job is. Many people have an option. But, I think even if we don't choose our location, it reflects something about ourselves.

Some people grow up in the same place their whole life. Others move around a lot. Many people deliberately travel and want to see the world and experience different cultures. And this in a way effects who we are and who we become. Not that circumstances should sway us, but, at least when we have a choice, where we live shows part of our personality. 

For myself, I love being in the country because it is very laid back. I love the feeling of sitting on your front porch and looking at the fields, mountains, and wide open skies, knowing that life is supposed to be peaceful. It isn't supposed to make you feel like you have to be ambitious all the time and busy all the time. Sure, we can't sit back and relax every moment of every day. But, even in the midst of crazy activity, we should be able to hear ourselves think. 

To think. Think about what? Well, our lives. Not worrying. Because that doesn't get us anywhere. But thinking and praying about our lives. And the importance of each passing moment of it. If you don't take the time to pause and stop the rat-race, you will never really live. And that's what the country does for me. It makes me stop. And look around. And be grateful for each passing day. 

Of course this can be found wherever you are. City, suburbs, country, desert island. But, I wouldn't trade my calm, quiet, country home for anything. 

                                                           Let God give you that peace of soul, 

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