Appreciating Mothers

The topper from my parents' wedding cake. The day, in essence, that gave me my Mom.

Mom is a universal term. Everyone has someone in their life to call by that name. Yet, it is a very particular term, because we all call someone very special by that name. And the person who holds that name for us is, as it were, the only one in the world called by that name. 


We could spend our whole life in gratitude to that person, and it would never be enough to truly thank our Moms for all they have done for us. The sacrifices, the love, the care, the unending dedication. Words cannot express what our Moms mean to us. It's the person we can go to for anything. The person who knows us the best. The person who will always be there for us.

Let us be truly thankful for our parents. Without them, we wouldn't even be here. They have given us life, that we may make the most of that life we have been given. This day, Mother's Day, is specifically set aside to remember just how important and special Moms truly are. 

This day may be a difficult day for some people. Maybe your relationship is not the best with your Mom. Maybe you have lost your Mom. Maybe you never knew your Mom. If that is the case, your Mom still remains in your heart. And you in hers. 

And we all have our heavenly mother, Mary. She is always watching over us. Always guiding and caring for us. Our Lady seeks to make us holy and happy, leading us always closer to her Son, Jesus. She is the never-fading star that leads us on our journey to Heaven. 

So, thank you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for all you have done for me. Thank you to all Mothers out there. Thank you for caring for your children. Thank you for your love. May you truly know how much you are appreciated.