Remembering our Heroes

Happy Memorial Day! Personally, I don't think this holiday gets as much attention as it deserves. Sure, people remember it because they get a day off from work and can have a nice family bbq. And we should be glad of that. But we cannot forget the true significance of this special day. 

Honoring our heroes. 

Memorial Day is a very important holiday. It's easy if we keep the idea of war and suffering out of sight and out of mind. But, our soldiers deserve better than that. We cannot forget that our servicemen and women are putting their lives on the line day after day so that we can say our country is free and safe. 

There are so many ways we can be involved in supporting our troops. Of course, what they need most is our prayers. But, we should also think to send them letters and care packages, or run drives to raise funds and collect items to send to the troops. We must prove our gratitude!

We need to remember our soldiers, both living and deceased, veterans and active duty.

Each one has made untold sacrifices to serve our country. Each one deserves to be honored, remembered, and prayed for. Memorial Day reminds us never to forget. Never to forget all that our soldiers have done throughout the years to fight for us. God Bless Our Troops!