My Etsy Shop

Announcing the opening of my small business on Etsy! Handmade Catholic Shop!

Reason #1. I opened this shop because I wanted to do something that would be part of my Catholic Faith. And what better way than making Catholic gifts! I love making all the shop items, and it makes me so happy to know they will be used for the glory of God. 

Reason #2. Running an Etsy shop is a great way to connect with people individually. Instead of the "big businesses" that see people and customers as numbers, I love how small businesses allow you to really appreciate each person who comes to your shop!

Reason #3. I have always loved crafts. Manual labor is such a great way to unwind and relax after long days. After all, you can't sit on your computer 24/7! Even if that is for your job. So, I had learned how to make the scapulars and rosaries from a group of nuns years ago, and I make everything with great care. I love the process!

Reason #4. Running an Etsy shop part-time is a perfect balance for working as a writer. I never sit down and write for 8 hours a day straight. Part of my brainstorming is doing other things in between, and this shop is perfect for that! Working with your hands stimulates your brain so much. I find after I've worked on orders, I have so many more ideas for my books than before! Plus, working from home is always an added benefit. More time with family and no commute. 

Reason #5. It's just fun! I love writing and I love crafts. Now I can do both!

So, if you'd like to purchase anything or spread the word, my shop is having a grand opening sale next weekend June 18-20th (Saturday-Monday of Father's Day weekend)! Just use the coupon code GRANDOPEN at checkout! 10% off everything!