Our Caring Fathers

Fathers and Daughters. 

Words can't adequately describe a person like your dad. He's the person who makes you feel home. Safe, secure, cared for, loved. Dads are the ones who pick you up when you're falling, who don't have to say anything for you to know they are taking care of you.

Dads in a way have a particular connection with their daughters. I think they watch over them in a special way. They try to make you laugh, bring a smile to your face. They want to be a part of your day-to-day life, as well as the really big decisions. They want to be sure you receive the best out of life and pursue your biggest and smallest dreams.

As we celebrate fathers today, let us be grateful for all those loving moments spent with our dads. They watch out for us and guide us like no one else does, always making sure we are provided for and taken care of. They are irreplaceable and we should show how much we care about our parents day in and day out. 

We should also remember our spiritual fathers, our Catholic priests, who have taken care of us spiritually. We must be truly grateful for how they have offered Masses, heard our confessions, anointed our sick, listened to our troubles and tried to help us through our trials in life. Their countless prayers and sacrifices offered on our behalf are worth more than anything.

So, Happy Fathers' Day to all the fathers out there, but especially to mine. Thanks for everything, Dad.