Sunday, July 10, 2016

Finding Dory

I went into this film having low expectations. The last Pixar films I saw in theaters were Up and Wall-E, both of which I thought were flops. The only thing I took away from those movies was "save the animals" and "go green." I liked the first Finding Nemo, but I figured oftentimes sequels are not very good, and it's been 13 years since the first one came out. 

Guess what? I was pleasantly surprised at how good Finding Dory was. I found myself laughing through the whole movie. It was really lighthearted and sweet, and not always a super predictable plot.

Characters. My favorite character was definitely Hank. He was sarcastic and clever, always helping Dory without wanting to. He couldn't help himself. He camouflaged everywhere which was amusing, especially when he turned into things like plants, hoses, and random everyday things. Almost all his lines were funny in some way.

Favorite lines. One for sure was when Dory fell into the touch pool and said she's looking for Hank, and one of the creatures said "Hands," but Dory kept saying "No, Hank, like with a k." Then the hands of the children just plummeted into the pool and tried to touch Dory and Hank. Then Dory and Hank went toward a narrow crevasse, and the sea creatures kept telling them to "turn back, turn back," like a point of no return. Funny scene. 

Plot. I thought it was a good story line. Dory sets out on an adventure to find her parents and ends up in a marine center in the company of Hank, the septapus. I liked watching how Dory, Nemo, and Marlin kept moving from one situation to another, always trying to figure out what to do next traveling through the marine place.

I also loved the short in the beginning of the film. The cgi's are really impressive as the ocean and the birds actually look real. It's really cute and lighthearted. I'm not a bird person, and I thought it was really good.

And don't forget those otters. They were adorable, I have to say. Overall, good plot, good characters, and good laughs. Definitely a film enjoyable for children and adults!

One more quote, Dory to Hank: "For a guy with three hearts, you're not very nice."

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