Leaf Season

Everyone has a favorite season. Each one offers a completely different feel. Spring gives the new flowers, summer the warm sun, fall the leaf colors, winter the snow. In a calendar year we experience the four seasons, and it reminds us of the beauty of God's creation and the passing of time. It also keeps life interesting, and the seasons hail the coming of important days throughout the year.

Fall is definitely my favorite season. The cool, crisp air, the wearing of sweaters, the trees changing colors. Everything about it is so refreshing and exciting. Not to mention the best holidays are around the corner like Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is always such a relief after really hot summer days. I always look forward to the cooler weather and calm breezes that fall brings. 

Fall also has many food traditions and customs. Apple cider, apple pie, apple crisp, apple turnovers . . . did I mention fall brings apples?? One of my favorite traditions growing up was going to pick apples in an orchard. It was so much fun to choose all the different kinds and climb the trees, or even better be lifted by someone taller to reach them. 

Then there's pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds. And of course leaf season! Red, orange, and yellow leaves all in the brightest forms. As a kid I always jumped in the piles of leaves my parents raked up, or pick out the best ones and save them in a book.

Fall used to mean back to school for me like it does for so many. Now that I'm out of school, I like fall even better. Haha, just kidding, sort of. :) But sometimes that means new clothes or new shoes, or just old favorites that make you feel warm. It also makes you think of fall break and going home for the holidays.

Fall to me is just filled with so many traditions, good foods, and beautiful weather and countryside. And as the days get colder and darker, today marks exactly three months till Christmas, awaiting the coming of Christ's birth. Let us be grateful for all the little moments in life and the joys that life has to offer. Sometimes it's just the simple things that make us happy.