Waiting. That is one of the hardest things for everyone to do. Yet, it seems like one of those things that impacts all parts of our lives. We have to wait in traffic, we have to wait on lines, we have to wait for food to cook, we have to wait on people, we have to wait on important decisions.

It can be so difficult when we just want to have things now. We want answers to problems, or immediate gratification from something we are trying to accomplish. I know I am the worst at leaving projects unfinished because I just want to see that end result. And we wonder why can't things in our lives just move a bit faster?

But, why are we in such a rush for everything? We live in an age that wants everything yesterday. Things have to be done faster, more efficiently, and more advanced than ever before. Progress is good, yes, but the rat-race mentality can get to us sometimes, and you wonder why so many people are overly stressed.

Waiting, when we accept it well, is a wonderful way to grow in patience. St. Teresa of Avila says, "Patience obtains all things." Surely we have experienced this in our lives, that when we waited for something it was all the better upon receiving it. I think waiting also goes along with the virtue of perseverance. You are willing to make sacrifices and keep trying in order to obtain what you desire. 

When we become so impatient during times when we have to wait, I think we are focused too much on the future. Having to wait for someone to give exact change at the grocery store, can make us ask questions like doesn't that person know I have somewhere to be and my time is valuable? You almost want to give them the extra money, just so you can check out sooner. 

But what about God's timing? He is the author of time. We have to remind ourselves that part of His providence is His timing. God cares about each moment of our day. They are all significant. Maybe he wants us to wait in lines because if we got out a moment sooner, we could have been in an accident. Okay, maybe it's not always that drastic, but God is active in our everyday lives, and sometimes He just wants us to wait. 

Ultimately, our whole lives are a kind of waiting. We are waiting in anticipation of what we hope will be ours one day, that is eternal life. And that will be one unending day. No more waiting. Only the eternal "now." Maybe all those times we have waited will be the most valuable to God because instead of getting frustrated, we used them as opportunities to grow in hope, trust, and love of God. 

So next time you are stuck behind someone driving really slow (one of the most frustrating moments of my days) just choose to be patient and say a little prayer that you can accept all the trials sent to you as from the hand of God.