The Christmas Picture

It's here! The Christmas Picture! Curl up next to a warm fire with your copy of my new novel. This one has been my favorite to work on. It is a Catholic novel with themes about trusting in God amidst suffering and trials, forgiveness of others and ourselves, hope in miracles of Christmas, and valuing family and friends. A message we all need to hear time and again to remember what Christmas is all about.

A brief summary: Lucy Harris has long forgotten about Christmas, family, and God after losing her twin brother, Jim, in a fatal accident. She is given a chance to change that event when she is transported back in time a few days before that tragic Christmas Eve. Lucy tries throughout the novel to save her brother by several different plans and schemes. She also encounters some familiar figures like her old boyfriend, Michael, whom she hasn't seen in five years, as well as some new people like the choir director Maggie and a little girl in a hospital, who both teach Lucy important lessons. You'll have to read the novel to find out if she is able to save Jim and if her character changes by the end of the book!

The Christmas Picture is available on Amazon at for $2.99 Kindle edition or $7.99 paperback. Or you can get a signed copy for $8.00 on Etsy at Get yours for the holidays! And check out the "look inside" feature on Amazon for a sneak preview of the first chapters!

Here's to more brainstorming for the next book! Still trying to decide what my next one will be--probably the second installment of The Amanda Case Files to be available sometime in the Spring. Happy reading everyone!