Celebrating Birthdays

One thing that always bugs me is when people are depressed about their birthday and turning a year older. Growing a year older is a chance to look back on the previous year and thank God for the gift of the life He has given us and the graces that accompanied us amidst the sorrows and joys we have experienced. Birthdays are so special and unique and only come around once a year. They are particularly meaningful for those who are celebrating that person because a birthday is a day to thank God for the gift of that person's life.

I absolutely love birthdays and celebrating them! Birthdays are very important because we are given a chance to celebrate someone who means a lot to us in our lives--someone who has touched people's lives in ways they may never have imagined. It is the day we should really appreciate that person and show we care by spending time with them, giving gifts, and enjoying laughs over a great cake.

Granted I can understand someone not liking all the attention and fuss that a birthday can bring (but why not? ;) It is the one day a year that you don't have to make food or wash dishes or do all the usual chores that more often than not someone will pick up because it's your special day.

So next time you groan because your birthday is here, stop and think that it gives your family and friends the chance to celebrate YOU and rejoice in all the wonderful ways you have blessed them in their lives!