Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fools Day

Do you love surprises? Today really proves who loves surprises or not. Birthday surprises are the best. Christmas surprises are fantastic. An engagement/proposal is every girl in love's favorite surprise. But there are some surprises people will deny they like. 

Everybody has a love-hate relationship with April Fools Day. It seems like the point of the day is fruitless because everyone knows that tricks, jokes, and "falsehoods" will be coming. They are expecting it. So why pull pranks in the first place? Everyone is already on their guard, unless of course they forget or don't care and then you can be successful in calling them out. Of course it is never all that fun to be on the receiving end of April Fools jokes. It makes you feel like you are outwitted or someone got the better of you. However, to be the one pulling off a successful joke makes you feel on top of the world. 

This day can have a positive effect on people. If you want to look at it deeply, it makes one think seriously about the concept of truth--whether to believe people at face value, whether a sarcastic spirit brings out the best in others or not, or whether we think enough about the most important objective truths. 

April Fools Day gives people a chance to have a little fun when it's done with good intentions and also to laugh a little about life so we don't take ourselves too seriously. Of course after all is said and done, it isn't really a holiday, but everyone seems to nationally recognize it for what it is or isn't. I like to look at it as a day to smile a little more because we all have to try to catch what life throws at us.

What was your best April Fools Day prank?

                                                                           ~ Therese

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