Easter Grace

Last year I wrote about Easter joy, but this year I want to write about Easter grace. God gives us so many opportunities to receive grace in our lives, but the Sacred Triduum is such a special time in the Church. Her liturgical life throughout the year is awe-inspiring, but the Triduum liturgies are unique in their own right.

St. Therese says, "Everything is grace." God is so generous with His gifts--He cannot be outdone in generosity. When we offer up our sorrows and sufferings, He in turn gives us grace to carry those crosses better. At Easter we are reminded that Christ has the final triumph. His Resurrection gives St. Therese reason to say "everything is grace." Every moment of our lives God is taking care of us through His Divine Providence. There is a quote I love and I forget the author but it goes, "Between God and the individual soul, there are no insignificant moments." Every moment of our lives is an opportunity for grace.

The Sacraments are the best means of receiving grace, but followed closely by prayer. We can pray wherever we are at any moment. All God asks is a simple gaze, a lifting of our mind and heart to Him. He is ready and waiting to give us the gift of His grace and love.

Let us take advantage of this glorious Easter season to become more like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, whose hearts "burned within them" by being in Christ's presence.