Sacrament Anniversaries

Anniversaries are a wonderful way of commemorating special events in our lives. As in the liturgical year, each day we remember a saint or holy day, anniversaries recall something significant in our lives that has made all the difference. Those days for when we have received the Sacraments have either welcomed us into the Church or strengthened our life of the Faith.

Today is the anniversary of my First Communion. I have a picture framed in my room of that glorious day of being able to receive God. There really isn't anything like wearing a white dress and carrying flowers on your way to be united to Christ in such an intimate way. It is interesting that it parallels the same garments as a bride going to her bridegroom on a wedding day.

A great book is by Father Faber called The Blessed Sacrament. He stresses how we really cannot even fathom the depth of the love of God Who waits for us every moment of every day. The gift of His presence in the Holy Eucharist is our greatest treasure on this earth and the best means of receiving His graces. Let us never miss an opportunity of spending time with Him and uniting ourselves to Him throughout the day, but especially in the Blessed Sacrament.

Our Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation are all so important for our life in the Church. The graces from those days effect our entire life in this world and the next. We must be grateful for these special occasions in our lives that only come around once. By celebrating those anniversaries, we show how meaningful they were to us and thank God for the gifts He has given us.