The Travel Bug: An Analysis

Overview: The travel bug is transmitted through a small insect called the peripateticus perigrinator (very literally: traveling traveler). The insect hovers consistently over its victim, waiting for the perfect time to land and bite. The disease is highly contagious to others and can last for years. At this time, there is really no hope for a cure.

Symptoms: Primarily, this bug causes moderate to severe itching, which may become unbearable. The only relief is to move from place to place and see new places or meet old friends--in short to "see the world."

Side effects:  Side effects are a mixed bag. While on the one hand it includes a rather large hole in your wallet, the travel bug also involves having a good time and enjoying yourself.

Complications: Unfortunately, if the travel bug persists, a complication may arise that includes groveling to your boss for extra time off work.

When to go to the doctor: If symptoms persist, the only help is Dr. Common Sense. He will tell you that if you go too many places, the side effect of hole your wallet will become so severe that it becomes a black hole and there is no hope of recovering your leather companion.

Prevention: It is advised to avoid travel brochures, email discounts, and browsing your past photo collection during the early stages of the disease. If this is done successfully, the travel bug may pass by without infecting you.

Treatment: While in the overview, it stated there is no cure, the best treatment is to respond to the itchiness and take a vacation. If there is enough relaxation and enjoyment, the bug may gradually remove from your system without any further treatment.

Analysis: While the travel bug is neither seriously harmful nor deadly, it can take too strong a hold on your immune system. Recommendation is to treat the travel bug a few times a year by visiting favorite vacation places and stepping back to see life in a new light.

N.B.: This is not medical advice. Be sure to always consult your doctor about treatment of the travel bug.