Wonder of Coloring

(image source: topcoloringpages.net -- used with permission)

Ever think about the wonder of coloring? For children it is like opening a new world. For adults it is like remembering a world they once new. It enhances creativity and makes you think outside the box. Coloring stimulates the brain and enables people to express themselves through art. What child doesn't say when they grow up that coloring was one of their favorite pastimes as a kid?

So coloring books can get kind of pricey right? Especially when younger kids destroy each page by scribbling random colors all over the picture without paying any attention to the lines. But that is my darling's work of art you will tell me. Yes, I understand that no matter what it looks like you will hang it on your fridge--and so would I. But let's get a little realistic here. ;)

If you are looking for a good website that has wholesome and exciting coloring pages completely FREE then here is a link for you. Topcoloringpages.net is the place to go! They have a wide variety of pages that you can print and reuse again and again. Want images of your child's favorite superhero or character from their favorite movie? Top Coloring Pages has everything from Superman to Star Wars to Winnie the Pooh that your child will love. They also offer a Christian section, which is a great feature for bringing religion into the picture.

So instead of letting your kids play with an iPad or watch another t.v. show, pull out those coloring pages to let their imagination soar. You may even find yourself joining in!