"Who gives you the courage to face the world?"
The movie Wonder makes you think. It makes you think about family, about life, about the things that really matter and the things that really don't matter. The story follows a young boy who has suffered through many medical issues and still manages to laugh at the end of the day. That makes you think too -- about how small your problems are and how we really have nothing to complain about.

The film takes you through different perspectives -- how members of the family and friends deal with the suffering in their lives. The virtue that seems to be glorified the most is courage -- courage to stand out, to be yourself, to face the world. The characters are real. They are relatable. You can feel what they are feeling and understand their various emotions. While there really is no climax to the film, there is a conflict and resolution followed by a happy ending.

Auggie is going to the fifth grade. He has to embrace a whole new world outside his home with a face that looks different from everyone else's. He's smart, funny, and truly adorable, but will he make friends? How will everyone see him? Can they see him for his personality? The viewer watches his sister, Via, struggle with being invisible to her parents and how despite her hidden sufferings she stands by her brother no matter what. You see what the parents have had to endure -- their worries, their sacrifices, their bond. 

Most importantly, you see how one person, how one family impacts the world around them. That was the message I took away from this film -- the importance of family, the strength of family, and the love of a family. While some may say this film is sad, I would say it was real. It follows a story that is believable because it's true, and the acting made it a moving story.

At the end of the day, your family is everything no matter what. Wonder makes that message permeate the film, and to have the courage to be yourself because "why blend in when you were born to stand out?"