On the Move

So part of my being absent from this blog (and backdating five posts in a row) is embracing the life change of moving. I think both the challenge and excitement of moving takes hold of your life like ivy. From the idea stage of "it would be nice to live somewhere else" to getting to that somewhere else, the amount of things involved grows and grows until the ivy of moving just takes over. It's a juggling act. It's an adventure. It's a process.

Most people seem to say once they've accomplished a move that they never want to move again. New house, new people, new place, maybe even a new job, all make your life a series of changes. It is definitely fun and makes life both interesting and surprising, but it makes you wonder how some people can handle moving so frequently like military families.

The boxes and boxes and packing tape and bubble wrap, the change of addresses, the settling in, using a gps to get anywhere, new routines, can all seem a bit overwhelming. The move definitely has to be worth it and a refreshing difference from the previous place. 

For me it comes down to adding to one's experience. I don't think I would enjoy growing up and living in the exact same place from beginning to end, although I'm sure it has it's perks. Moving allows you to experience life in a different way and face new challenges. To move is to take the leap of discovering if a new place brings opportunities you never would have had otherwise.