As Simple as Syrup

One of my favorite childhood memories is spending time at my uncle's house in Massachusetts. Growing up with my cousins made the experience of being a kid all the more fun. The games, the stories, the holidays were things shared and something I look back on with the fondest thoughts. 

My uncle used to tap his own trees on his property and make maple syrup. To this day, I use maple syrup every day on my oatmeal and my thoughts go to those memories. It's funny how something as simple as syrup can connect you to the past and remind you of the best people in your life. Our memories make us part of who we are, and what we've experienced contributes to the person we will be.

It's easy to see how I defy anyone who calls "Aunt Jemima's Original Syrup" real maple syrup or how it can ever be considered in the maple syrup family. There's nothing compared to true maple syrup that comes from tapping trees.

I love how the simplest memories are enough to brighten each morning!