Families of Heroes

Every year I make a point of writing something for Memorial Day. This year I want to focus on the families of the heroes who fight for our freedom. Sometimes I think that even more than the sacrifices of our solidiers, we should be grateful for the sacrifices of their families. It can be harder to be left behind than to go out into the fight. The grandparents, the parents, the siblings, the spouses, the children, and friends all see their dear loved one defend our country, and they know the solider may never return and if they do they may never be the same.

The wait for those families must feel like an eternity. The worries must nag at them every day. The pain of longing to be held in their arms once again must fill their heart with sorrow at each moment they are not with them. These military families deserve our greatest gratitude for their sufferings. Without the support of the families, the solider would not have the courage to go out in the first place. 

I've said this before, but a great way to help these families is to send care packages to either them or the soldiers. A site that provides ways of assisting is operationgratitude.com. Even hygiene items are needed overseas...things we take so easily for granted. 

And let's say a special prayer for the solidiers and the families of those who have given their lives for our country. May we never forget the ultimate sacrifice that made them heroes. Happy Memorial Day!