Stroll in the Park

What is your favorite form of exercise? There are so many ways to rejuvenate yourself by spending time in exercise. Lots of people enjoy hiking or running on trails, some bike riding or kayaking, others with indoor equipment. I'm certainly not one for "working out", but I think getting a daily half hour of recreational exercise is really good for you. It's healthy for your body and your mind and lets out some of that extra steam. 

Thoughts on weight loss? Well, to me that's secondary. I mean who doesn't enjoy feeling more fit and going down a size in clothes? But I think the experience of the exercise (especially outside in nature) is much more satisfactory than the results or lack thereof. 

Personal favorite: I really enjoy bike riding, kayaking, and walking. Each offers a unique setting. Bike riding can be stationary, kayaking on a beautiful lake, and walking down your home street are all pleasant in themselves. There's nothing like the feeling of accomplishing something when getting where you want to go, and a healthy life brings much content.