And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None is one of my favorite Agatha Christie stories. I prefer the way the movie presents the ending, rather than her novel, but both have their unique story-telling magic. And there is nothing like a good mystery!

If you are not familiar with the story, ten people are lured to a deserted island by a mysterious person to stay at a manor house. A record is played that accuses each person of a murder they were involved in. One by one the guests are killed off and everyone is trying to figure out who and where the mysterious person could be that is committing such crimes . . . or if it is one of the guests themselves. 

I find this story so unique and well crafted because of its originality. It is not your ordinary murder mystery. Usually you are trying to figure out one murder or one type of puzzle, but this plot moves so quickly and keeps you guessing that you can't seem to keep up with it to discover who is the murderer.

The cast of course is excellent and the dialogue witty. I also like how there always seems to be a flaw in the mastermind's plan, one of which being is every character truly guilty of the crimes of which they were accused? If you've never seen it, this film is a real classic!