Confirmed in Christ

Tyburn Convent England

Today I witnessed the beautiful Sacrament of Confirmation received by the confirmandi at my parish! It was a wonderful reminder of the importance of this Sacrament where one receives the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I had never been to a Confirmation other than for family members, where you are more focused on the special person in your life receiving the great Sacrament. So upon observing the ceremony apart from having anyone I know be confirmed, I could focus on the actual prayers and rites more closely. What stuck me the most was the emphasis on being a soldier for Christ. The above quote not only should resonate with all Catholics, but especially those who receive Confirmation because they are strengthened by the Holy Spirit to fight for the truths of the Faith.

St. John Houghton spoke those words as he stood in the cart with the rope around his neck. He was the first English martyr to die under Henry VIII. As he was dying, the executioner was about to tear out his heart and St. John said, "O Jesus, what wilt Thou do with my heart?" St. Thomas More was in prison when St. John was being led away from the Tower to be martyred and Thomas said, "Lo, dost thou not see Meg, that these blessed Fathers be now going to their deaths as cheerfully as bridegrooms to their marriage?" May we all have such motivation to give our lives to Christ!