Orange Leaf

On a recent road trip, friends took me to a delightful little gem called Orange Leaf. I never knew that frozen yogurt could taste so delicious! You can choose from 80 flavors, including classic vanilla, chocolate, and fruity tastes, as well as more interesting flavors like birthday cake, brownie batter, and cookies n cream. Then add toppings to your heart's content!

Having dealt with a tree nut allergy most of my life, a place where allergens are clearly labeled is a breath of fresh air. Each flavor's picture/caption tells you the ingredients and items to be careful of if you suffer from allergies. There are nut free, gluten free, and dairy free options! 

Plus, did I tell you that you can get free samples? Try a number of flavors before filling your cup! And it's self-serve, so there's no limit to how high your swirl goes in your container. (jk!)

I sure hope Orange Leaf opens a location near me soon!