A Year of Wishes

Looking back on 2018, there's so many goals that I could have reached if I had made better use of time. That is my New Year's resolution . . . to focus on time management. Time goes so quickly. I can hardly believe we are entering 2019 . . . that it's been nine years since high school, seven years since I discerned with the Carmelites, four years since I graduated college, three years since I published my first book, two years since I opened my shop, one year since I moved to my first place . . . 

What will 2019 bring? I want to make it a year of wishes. All the things that I wish I had done or didn't make time for in 2018 have become the goals of 2019. One of which being writing books again. There was so much change last year, I couldn't believe I didn't publish a book! I may be overambitious, but I have four . . .  (yes four!) . . .  books planned for 2019. Act of Hope (finally!) in the Spring, Amanda Case Files #3 in the Summer, and a two part novel (for Fall and Winter) that will be a fairytale romance. I am going to make up for my lack of writing with all these wonderful stories this coming year!

Let's not allow the present moment to pass us by! Let's make 2019 our year of wishes that do come true. Happy New Year!