Sugar Cookie Houses

One of my all time favorite Christmas traditions is making sugar cookie houses. Gingerbread houses but made with sugar cookie dough. I grew up making these with my grandmother, who passed away when I was eight. I still remember her house, always with the sweet smell of something baking. The holidays were the best time of year at her place. 

We have a really neat cookie mold that has all the pieces for a little log cabin, including extras like mailboxes and bears. (Those never make it to my house because I always eat them while building!) It is exciting to see how unique everyone's house turns out. I believe they each reflect something of the maker's personality. 

Sprinkles was a main theme this year. "Sprinkles will change your life" as someone I know said. And why not? They're colorful (adding spice to your life), pretty (adding elegance), and whimsical (adding sense of humor). So, maybe that's a stretch :-) but all the same it spruced up my cookie house!