The Little Things

1st Sunday of Advent
I was standing in line at Subway in Walmart, on my way to buy some poinsettias for my front door entry. Ahead of me was a young solider in uniform purchasing his lunch. I smiled and he smiled back. I ordered a soft pretzel because they are just so soft and buttery. I anxiously waited for them to make one for me. I hadn't had one in a long time and was a little treat before I went to shop.

The solider beside me turned after paying for his meal and said "I hope you have a good day." I went to pay for my pretzel as they handed it to me, and to my surprise it was already paid for. I was so surprised because I didn't realize the solider had included my pretzel on his tab. There he was headed across the store. Should I try to go thank him? Or would it look like I was running after him? 

I decided to chance it and caught up to the young man. I thanked him for buying my pretzel and said he didn't have to do that. His response? "Just trying to do good things" with a smile. I thanked him for his service and shook his hand. He turned away and I went off to find my poinsettias. 

Little did he know how much that meant to me, a simple act of kindness on a hard day. Let's try to think of others this holiday season and remember that it's the little things that matter.