The Trust of the Three Kings

Little Christmas is one of my favorite days. I love the Three Kings. They inspire me with their trustful confidence in the sign of the star and their humble surrender and love at finding the King of Kings in the manger. 

I often think about royalty and fantasize about what that kind of life would be. Every girl romanticizes a Prince Charming of sorts on a white horse. Yet these three kings were so different from the modern fairytale.

They traveled long distances perhaps at great discomfort to themselves. Maybe they left families behind in search of the newborn King. They brought gifts of great price and sacrificed their time. They are called wise men and believed in God's message, falling down immediately to adore Him. 

Our Lord's manifestation on Epiphany revealed His governance over all earthly power. That manifestation as a little child should bring us great comfort, knowing that He wishes to reign in our hearts in all sweetness.