In the traditional liturgical calendar, there is a season called Septuagesima, or 70 days until Lent. When I first discovered this, I was intimidated by the extended length of the Lenten season. There is an extension of Lent? Isn't Lent long to begin with? There is such a thing as a pre-Lenten season? I admit I had all of these questions in my mind because I didn't understand. 

The more I thought and prayed about this beautiful season called Septuagesima, the more I realized the wisdom of these liturgical days. When we come upon Ash Wednesday with no thought of Lent or Easter before this day, we are completely unprepared. How many of us say, I still don't know what to do for Lent, or I guess I'll have to do the same as last year because here Lent is already?!

The purpose of Septuagesima is to prepare our hearts and minds for this great season of Lent. This season reminds us of the significance of being prepared. This is a very important aspect of our lives...and of our deaths. We want to be prepared for when we will meet the face of God...whenever that is...and also to meet Him at Easter with peaceful hearts...hearts willing to sacrifice for Him.

Let us use this old season of Septuagesima to truly make this Lent our best yet, by preparing beforehand and knowing truly how to please Our Lord this season. Think about it? What goes wrong when we aren't prepared? Everything!