Me Time

I think this phrase "me time" has been given the wrong connotation. People associate that phrase with a selfish form of relaxation--a relaxation that neglects certain duties or obligations. What people fail to think about is the healthy meaning of taking moments for ourselves so we can take a step back. 

It is important to have time, be it ever so short, in every day that is some form of peace. For many this is one's prayer time, for others it could be exercise, still more talking to a friend, or reading a book. In some way, it is the time of day we utilize a coping skill that helps us deal with stress. In taking those moments, we can tackle our duties with more calmness than if we plugged through with no break.

"Me time" is not selfish--it is taking a moment to better our mental health, which is as real or more important than physical health sometimes. We need to have part of each day dedicated to rejuvenating our minds that so often are going in a million directions at once. It is in a way a form of being "unplugged" from our problems for one moment so that it does not consume us.

So this week, take a moment out of every day for you. Make that time the best way to lighten your heart and help you to breathe, especially when it's a hard day. It's a real confidence builder because it reminds you that God is at the center of it all, and He wants us to have calm and peaceful hearts.