St Joseph's Silence

Every year I love writing about this great saint. He is my very favorite and has never let a prayer go unanswered for me. St Joseph is a very powerful intercessor for any need and a model for all families in all virtues. I love that we get to celebrate his feast on both March 19th and May 1st.

I wanted to focus on his great silence . . . I believe that there are no words recorded in Scripture that St Joseph spoke. He is mentioned of course, but I don't think there are any words by him. I find it interesting that there were none recorded, but maybe he was a man of few words.

I can imagine this great saint being so absorbed in the love of Jesus and Mary that he could hardly help from being in a constant state of mental prayer. He must have been wholly at peace despite any hardship or suffering because there were beside him the two holiest beings that ever walked the earth. That doesn't mean that life was easy...quite the contrary...but the knowledge of God's constant presence must bring tranquility.

Can't we imagine our own lives like this? That God is present in all our life situations as to never leave us alone? We may not see Him in the physical sense like St Joseph, but He is there just as lovingly all the same. And in the silence of His presence, we can be silent ourselves just like St Joseph, absorbed in the peace of our God.

May St Joseph keep our families close to his most pure heart and draw us deeper into the preparation of Lent.