City Life

I used to write posts about country life, but it's about time I wrote one about city life, or I guess more like "suburban life" but who wants to get all technical. Having lived near the city for nine months now, I think I have a solid comparison now between that and rural living. A lot of people think the kind of setting they appreciate is linked to their personality, but I think that anyone could live anywhere.

How? Because there are beautiful aspects to each way of living that a person could find if they were truly looking. The country for its quiet, the suburban for its activity, the city for its convenience . . . but you can discover quiet in the city, convenience in the suburban, and activity in the country.

What I enjoy about more urban areas is the people. Well first of all there's more of them ;-) but it's exciting to me to watch the world go by and see the diversity of those who live there. There's restaurants to try, events to participate in, stores to window shop, parks to walk, new people to meet. There's city skylines and public transit. There's landmarks and tourist attractions. In short there's history and the future.

Even though anyone can live anywhere, I prefer the city. Yes it has its traffic and noise, but it's energetic like a bee hive and there's a corner of contentment each individual bee finds that flowers under the sun. Too poetic? All right, then how about words from Whitman, "Give me the streets of Manhattan!"