Reflections from an Airport

It's time to travel again. It's always a challenge for me to shake the itch to go on an adventure. Usually, when on a trip, I think about the comforts of home, but once home my mind reaches out for the next place to explore.

It's been a year though since I have traveled by plane, and airports truly fascinate me. Every day there are different people going to different places to see other different people and do different things. There is no day that is exactly the same in an airport. No ticket that will resemble another. Lives will cross and most likely never cross paths again. A chance conversation or encounter could leave a lasting remembrance.

I love the “people watching” that happens when you wait for your flight. What luggage someone has, what food they are eating, what outfit they are wearing. Are they traveling with someone? Traveling for business? One way or round trip? The questions are endless and rather unanswerable, but it is fun to guess and create a story in your head.

You never know how connected you are with the people who board the airplane. Those who were on U.S. Airways flight 1549 on January 15, 2009 never could have guessed. Sometimes we don't realize little moments are significant, but each one is. Each moment is significant like the people that fit into them. Each person may be going about their business, following their schedule, reaching their destination, but that person touched your life in those moments, and you touched theirs.