Enrich Your Life

So I mentioned in my last post that I chose a word for the new year of 2020. That word is ENRICH. To me enrich means to fill your life with meaningful moments. We often don't see that the simple everyday things hold so much value. We let time pass us by without appreciating the ordinary. 

Ways to implement this practically could be to add something to your life each month, or each week, that is meaningful to you. Perhaps you schedule an outing, try a new restaurant, pray a new devotion, cross something off your bucket list, spend time with someone you haven't made time for in awhile. Or more to the point, to enrich your life you could value whatever you are already doing and not take anything for granted.

A full, rich life is one that is receptive to the everyday graces God is sending us, and that requires taking time to pause and recognize His presence in our self-made busy routines. I liked this photo of a window surrounded in darkness opening onto the ocean because it shows that life is peaceful and beautiful if we open our hearts to God amidst our sufferings.

So here's to a year filled with enriching moments throughout 2020 that we will be able to look back on in 2021 and realize that it was those everyday glimpses of grace that made us richest of all.