I was recently talking to someone who suggested instead of coming up with a new year's resolution, to choose a word that you want to focus on that will help you reach a goal in the new year. It's not a bad idea and I think it's more manageable than big resolutions. I decided on one I'm really excited about and will write a post on that in a couple weeks, but one word I did consider was prioritize. And I wanted to write about that for this week going into Christmas.

It seems this time of year is the busiest for everyone. Last minute EVERYTHING. Shopping, cooking, preparing, organizing, cleaning, etc. It is so easy to forget what is really important. Even when you try to accomplish things ahead of time, there is always something else that needs doing right up to Christmas.

A great exercise is looking at what you can do without. Whenever I go on a trip, I'm amazed at how little I can bring and how little I really need. It's about where you are going and who you are spending your time with on that trip. The same is true for the holidays. Simplicity. After all that is what the first Christmas was truly like. 

So prioritize. Focus on the essentials and enjoy. Christmas is about Christ and about spending time with those you love, everything else is insignificant. I think the picture of the snowman shows how to prioritize . . . he's happy and content and all he has is the snow falling gently around him.