To Decorate is to Create

One of my recent posts was about renting versus buying a home. Whichever of the two is your story, either way one of the highlights of your own place is the ability to decorate. Not only to decorate for the everyday and arrange furniture and items as it makes sense to you, but especially at times of the year like this when you can add your flair of holiday creativity.

When you're on a budget, holiday decorations are commonly found at WalMart, Dollar General, or Hobby Lobby. It doesn't take a lot of money to make a space look wonderful, just a resourceful mind. Some great ideas for Christmas decor are: obviously a tree, garlands with lights, a festive tablecloth, a wreath, decorative plates, fake or real poinsettias, scented candles, nutcrackers, a nativity scene, an Advent wreath, an Advent calendar, spray snow for the windows, and the list goes on and on. Choosing only 2-3 of these would bring life to your home.

I truly think that decor reflects personality. Your tastes are unique to you and affect food, clothes, home, travel. You should feel proud of how you create a space. For after all, having a welcoming home is like telling all your friends and family they belong there.

What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations? (Mine are definitely snow globes!)