What's in a Song

Music is such a powerful force. When done well, it speaks to your heart. There are songs for good days, songs for bad days, songs you listen to on a car ride, songs for cooking, songs you can listen to over and over because it reaches a place inside you that nothing else can.

There was a song (you can read some lyrics below) that I listened to a lot when I lost my uncle that reminded me that even when it feels like we're "stuck" God can lead us along and we can move forward eventually. It spoke to me when the grief felt heavy and somehow music pulled me up and out of my own little world.

Because the thing is . . . music connects. It connects you to a memory, a person, hopefully ultimately to God. I mean when you think about it, heaven is filled with song. We call them the "choirs of angels." Singing is praying twice. And the saints composed music themselves.

Honestly I think one of the most interesting things about music is how different each person's taste in music is. It's like it reflects a greater part of their personality and opens a window into who they are and what speaks to them. Just take a glance at a close friend or sibling's playlist and see if you have any of the same songs . . . you probably only have one or two.

Then there's live music. I've been to several amazing symphony concerts and each time it's excitingly different, but the constant that remains is each individual instrument is required to make the whole of the orchestra. It makes me think about how important an individual person is in this world. As an instrument makes a unique sound, so a person has a unique and unrepeatable voice.

In short, music truly transforms. What are some of your go-to songs for life?

"This Is How You Walk On" by Gary Lightbody and Johnny Mcdaid

"A new wind is blowing through these streets
Those cold days are history to us
I'm not saying times they won't get tough
We still got each other that's enough"

"I know life ain't simple for you, dear
But I'm here and I'm not going anywhere
I'm not saying "I know how you feel"
I just know that I can help you, dear"

"Don't lose your mind
Don't lose you good heart
Just know this time
That you'll be waking up
In all these better days"

"This is how you walk on
This is where you belong
And I'm not saying
This isn't where you'll stay
But this is how you walk on
This is how you walk on"