In the Midst of Noise

We are at the first Sunday of Lent and this season is a reminder of the silence that is necessary to prepare our hearts for our Risen Lord. It may not be possible to eliminate all the distractions and occupations of our life that hinder a sense of quiet, but we can still find God in the midst of them. That is what makes the quiet--the presence of One who reveals Himself in the "still, small, voice."

The literal definition of quiet is "making little or no noise." In the midst of noise we cannot hear anything but that, unless we direct our hearts outside of the noise. If our hearts are quiet and making no noise, then our very bearing will reflect a tranquil spirit. It will be easier to find God in the middle of the busyness if we are at peace.

At the same time, there are aspects of our lives that we do have control over in eliminating noise. There are things we choose that are not always conducive to fostering a quiet life. Maybe we aren't even looking for a quiet life because the thrill of noise tempers some suffering we are trying to forget. Not that all noise is bad, we want activity and laughter and conversation. It's when we don't make any time for silence that the noise will become deafening.

So in the midst of noise, find God. Make His voice more persistent in your thoughts than anything else, and you might just find yourself hearing Him as if for the first time.