The Triplets

I never imagined that one day our family dogs would all be rescues. They each have a unique story. Daisy (on the right) was abandoned in the woods and found my brother. Teddy (in the middle) I met at a rescue adoption weekend at PetSmart. Scotty (on the left) showed up at my parents' doorstep nine months ago and still hasn't left ;-) They all have unique personalities, but they are the three musketeers. 

I think having a pet in your home is one of the most worthwhile ventures in life. Sure, it can tie you down a bit, make travel plans have a little more planning, and is something that requires responsibility. But having a dog is enriching. It's having someone greet you every time you walk in the door, having someone to take care of, and sharing little moments that make you laugh when they do something incredibly cute.

Dogs have a sense of how people are feeling. They also force you to get outside too with their need for exercise. Besides, you are giving a dog a good home where they will be loved and cared for and happy. It goes both ways! I love the quote: "a house is not a home without a dog."