Ten Ways to Eat Ice Cream

We just hit the first day of summer and it's hot...but reasons to be excited are swimming, barbecues, fireworks, and picking veggies and fruits from the garden. Now...who doesn't eat ice cream year round? But, I thought a fun summer post would be featuring every kind of ice cream to enjoy this summer and where to get it!

1. Milkshakes

I personally am a huge fan of Chick-fil-a's milkshakes. Their flavors of vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, and strawberry offer a decent selection, or you might try their frosted lemonade or coffee. They are the sweetest refreshment to slurp on!

2. Popsicles 

There's only one place you can go for popsicles and that's Steel City Pops (for those in the South). They are creamy, melty, soft, and delicious and even natural/organic, which can be topped with cookies and drizzled. Doesn't get any better!

3. Blizzards

Of course there's your hallmark DQ blizzards with inexhaustible options of flavors. With candy classics like Reese's and Oreo, limited time only like Wonder Woman Cookie Collison, royal options like NY cheesecake, or seasonal like S'mores, there is a flavor for everyone. Or try out their signature sundaes with hot fudge and sprinkles!

4. Sno Balls

Hands down the best New Orleans creation...you might get lucky to find a food truck near you that sells these, but sno balls are the best mixture of ice and syrup known to man. Find something you've never tried like the mardi gra king cake sno ball flavor!

5. Frozen Yogurt

The obvious choice for frozen yogurt is Orange Leaf, which I haven't found near me yet! They offer countless flavors that melt in your mouth. If you can't find an Orange Leaf, head over to Yogurt Mountain or TCBY, they're at least second best ;-)

6. Custard

Gotta go to Freddy's for the custard. They have the most unique creations of custard that will whet your appetite. The toppings range from sprinkles, to m&m's, to gummy worms, to chocolate chips, to fudge syrup, to fruit, to nuts...or grab yourself a malt or a shake!

7. Floats

The classic signature root beer float that everyone remembers growing up with can be found at Farm Burger. You simply can't have a good float without root beer, and theirs is local, like most anything on their menu. It is wholistic and delicious and you can't go wrong!

8. Sundae's

If you're just looking for plain old ice cream that's like your classic kind in the store, Hershey's Ice Cream stores are the best. They make the best sundaes with all the classic Hershey's candy for toppings, and provide a nice selection of cones. 

9. Slurpee's

7 Eleven is the creator of the best drink on this earth. If you've never had a slurpee, you've frankly never lived, so track one of these down and . . . slurp! The blue raspberry is out of this world. Try to go on Slurpee Day (July 11th) and get one for free!

10. Sandwiches

Searching for a traditional ice cream sandwich? This one is easy to get . . . go to Trader Joe's and buy a box of Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches . . . vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies and rolled in mini chocolate chips . . . need I say more?

Well, here's to a great summer, readers, and I sure hope you found one of your favorites on this fun list! And of course with it being Father's Day, take your dad to one of these fantastic spots, he will thank you later :-)