Top 5 Things to Do in Orange Beach/Gulf Shores

1. Walk the Beach

Hands down the best part about a trip to the coast is walking along the water. Our time at Orange Beach found us collecting tons of seashells, watching sunsets, and listening to the waves. Certainly the easiest way to relax on your trip!

2. Bike the State Park

A close second was renting bikes and exploring the paved trails of the Gulf State Park. You'll pass through mossy woods, lakes, and boardwalks, making your excursion very scenic. There are over 20 miles of trails! (And make sure you get a mountain bike instead ;-)

3. Visit the Bay

A delightful place to enjoy a picnic is at a dock on the bay. The water is calm with the occasional boats passing by, and you'll hopefully get to watch some pelicans fishing. A less crowded place to catch some sun.

4. Grab a Snack

Everyone discovers a favorite food place on vacation. The one that sticks out for me is the Hershey's Ice Cream shop. It has lots of wonderful flavors and options of cones, sundaes, and floats! This by the way happened to be in Florida, right on the border.

5. Explore the Pier

Finally, a popular place to explore is the Pier. While we didn't take advantage of the option to fish, many people did and it looked like lots of fun. It was a neat place to see all the same and a good photo opportunity, which is something I always (too much so) take advantage of!

Hope you get the chance to visit the Gulf!