At the Crossroads

Life is full of them. They stare you down, challenging you to choose. Giving you two perfectly good options to start at, but not telling you where they end up. There are infinite possibilities in either direction and you can't go both ways. You have to give up one chance for the chance at the other. How do you turn?

If I had the answer to this question, I wouldn't be writing this blog post. It is something only God can know. We are presented with countless decisions every day, some more important than others. Oftentimes there are no wrong choices, and others are black and white. I think this is where trust comes in. We pray, we deliberate, we choose, and we hope for the best! I am a firm believer in "gut feelings." Maybe there really is nothing to that. It could just be an old wive's tale. Yet frequently we do have an instinctive reaction to situations that maybe should not be ignored.

It is always the hindsight that reveals the most. When we do take a direction and get to the end and look back, then things have more clarity. Maybe they still don't make sense, but usually there is a lesson we gained from the experience. Life lessons are invaluable. Our experiences show where we've been and who we've become. No matter what the crossroads present to us, it is the person who is walking that road. The value is in the one walking it, whether they are walking a hard or easy road at the time.

When we find ourselves at a major crossroads, I think the question that matters most is which road is drawing me in a peaceful, positive, and happy direction that will serve God and others, which may be challenging, but rewarding at the same time? If it's a road that leads in that direction we cannot choose the wrong path.