Peach Pie

Last year I got all of 6 peaches from my peach tree...but this year it was easily over 200! So...besides randomly sharing bags of peaches with friends and family, I attempted peach cobbler, peach kuchen, and peach pie. It was quite the baking extravaganza! Here is a recipe to enjoy, which you really could do with any fruit. I've tried with blueberries or cherries (with a 21 oz can), but this was my first try with fresh fruit.

Peach Pie:

~ 1 1/2 cups of flour
~ 1/2 t salt
~ 1/2 cup butter (softened)
~ 1/4 cup water

Mix ingredients with a fork and roll out two round circles for pie crust (or get creative with a lattice top!)

~ 7-10 large peaches sliced in 8 (I actually used 20 little ones from my tree!)
~ * OR one 21 oz canned fruit *
~ 1/2 cup brown sugar
~ 1/4 t vanilla
~ 1/4 t salt

Coat fruit with sugar, salt, and vanilla and pour on top of bottom layer of crust in a 9" pie pan. Cover the fruit with the second layer of crust and slice a few air holes. Bake at 375 degrees F. With fresh fruit it only took 45 minutes, but with canned it usually takes closer to 60 minutes. Serves eight!