Interior Silence


As we enter into the Christmas season, which can be a hectic time of year for a lot of folks, it is important to remember what silence is. It is not the absence of noise. It is the Presence of God in our souls. We can only hear Him when our hearts are quiet, which is something entirely different from being in quiet room. We can be in an empty space and still hear all sorts of things going through our minds. Fear, anxiety, worry, and stress all creep into that space.

It's not something that may come naturally to us, but it's an attitude to try to cultivate. To be interiorly silent, listening to God's voice, which is always a still whisper. When we can keep our hearts centered on Him, all the challenging parts of our day will be met with peace . . . a peaceful acceptance of God's will.

The manger is a perfect place for this. The simplicity of it all, where "good tidings of great joy" are to be found. There was nothing exteriorly ostentatious about Our Lord's Birth . . . He simply gave us Himself, which is the greatest Treasure imaginable. He comes every day in Holy Communion to refresh our souls, just as He came as the Prince of Peace at Christmas.

Let us turn our minds gently toward Him, Who offers us His love, grace, and joy this holiday season. Merry Christmas to you all!