Let God Choose


For all you planners out there, this one is for you. We like calendars and lists and knowing what we're doing in advance. We like things going the way we wanted and not having to wait. Being a planner isn't a bad thing...sometimes they are the best kind of people for keeping life organized. They are missing something though. Often the unexpected things in life bring us the most joy. It could be something as simple as...waking up to snow in the morning, getting a set of books in the mail from a friend, being offered a new job...in short it comes down to gratitude.

Being grateful is the fruit of accepting what God offers...in any form...and maybe even with joy in the midst of suffering. Are we letting God choose? Are we letting Him direct our steps, especially when the way isn't clear? Gratitude keeps us in the present because we appreciate all that God has done in the past and have confidence in what He will provide in the future.

God is patient and our time is in His hands. Our life is like a flower blooming, growing in grace in the silence of His Presence within us. It can take a lot of effort to rest in that...especially for planners. You can't plan growth, you can't rush growth, you can't force growth. It oftentimes is not even something you do...but the result of how you react to what happens to you.

Several weeks into the new year already and we realize how much we need to try to focus and simplify. Do the best you can and leave it all in God's hands...He will bless our efforts each and every day as we strive to be faithful to Him.