T o

O ffer

D aily

A nother

Y es

I thought of this acronym driving home from church one day and it kinda stuck in my mind, so much that I wanted to share it this week. Sometimes the hardest part about making a sacrifice is the anticipation of it. We get so worked up and build things in our heads, that whatever is in front of us seems insurmountable. Part of responding to God's will is accepting the day's happenings through the lens of Divine Providence. At the start of the day, one could say, "into Your hands, Lord, I commend my spirit," with readiness to receive with joy the daily opportunities of saying yes to God.

If we look at each day as just another step on the stairs or rung on the ladder, before we know it we'll have reached the top. And the step, believe it or not, can also be taken backwards and that is still progress. One of the best pieces of advice I received was from a Benedictine Sister who said, "Allow Jesus to lead you as in a dance. Sometimes you have to take a step back so He can lead you."

We forget the value of time until we see someone who is close to eternity. All of a sudden that shakes us out of our comfortable lives and we are faced with the reality that we really only have the present moment . . . and that itself passes on into the next. Time is ever flowing, ever moving, ever launching us closer to meeting God. We prepare for that moment by each little yes we give, so when we look back on all those days, they were filled with surrender, a surrender that was conforming our wills to His and making our hearts more and more a place of rest for His Heart.

"Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not yet come. 

We have only today. Let us begin." ~ St. Teresa of Calcutta